The Complete Guide to Planning a Kenya Safari

Having spent eight years of my life as a tour guide for hundreds of tourists on safari in Kenya bush, I figured that it was worth compiling a Kenya safari guide that hopefully provides some answers to the questions that I am most frequently asked by safari seekers who are considering a safari in Kenya.

I’ve based this Kenya safari travel guide on the most frequent questions that I have been asked over the years during my career. After all what better a reference point could one have than the questions that have been asked by travelers who were planning a Kenya Safari.read more


7 Awesome Things To Do In Kenya

Kenya is considered by many as one of the best safari destinations in Africa, offering safari seekers unforgettable adventures in the wild. It has enchanted tourists for centuries with the allure of wildlife, spectacular scenery, tropical coastline and exotic tribes.

Here are some awesome things to do in Kenya.
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honeymoon safari in Africa

Honeymoon Safari in Africa

A honeymoon safari or romantic vacation in Africa is for those seeking a more exotic experience for their honeymoon holiday. The “dark continent” is incredibly diverse in its holiday offerings, so it is important to do your research to choose the right honeymoon for you and your best half.

The “dark continent” offers some of the top honeymoon destinations in the world with its world-beating combination of wildlife, exotic beaches, ultra luxurious hotelsread more

Tanzania Safari Holiday

Tanzania Safari Holiday: The Best of African Bush

Many travelers dream of Tanzania safari holiday. Tanzania is one the best safari destination in Africa. It offers holidays that we can spend plenty of years saving up for and then even more years talking about.

There are many destinations in which it is possible to take a Tanzania safari holiday, all with something different to offer and at prices that are as varied as the wildlife.

There’s an incredible amount of wildlife in Tanzania in a wide variety of national Parks, someread more


Gorilla Safari in Africa – Not Just A Tracking Adventure

Gorilla safari in Africa is often listed as one of 50 things to do before you die. With only around 900 mountain gorillas remaining on Earth, tracking them in their natural habitat is something that only a few adventure seekers will have the chance to experience.

One amazing fact is that, nearly half of the world’s 900 gorillas left on this world live in the Virunga Mountains of central Africa. This region is at the intersection of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

These animals areread more


The Best of Birding Safaris in Kenya

Birding safaris in Kenya will take you to national parks like Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Kakamega, Meru and Lake Naivasha. Some great birders like Phoebe Snetsinger voted Kenya as her best birding safari destination in the world for its “spectacular” and “easily seen” birds.

The habitat diversity in Kenya is best exhibited, where the ‘patchwork’ landscape produces hotspots of localized and range-restricted species that lure birders from around the globe.read more

Successful African Safari

Tips for a Successful African Safari

A successful African safari adventure is measured by unique experiences you have witnessed in the African wilderness such as big 5, a spectacular lion kill, a wildebeest dropping young – something that makes you feel you have witnessed something truly special and gives you that unforgettable African experience.

An African safari is a true adventure and it is part of your duty to make it successful as possible. Many wildlife enthusiasts who flock to Africa every year believe that it is theread more

SasakwaLodge - Safari Destination

African Safari 101: All You Need To Know Before Going To Africa

Having guided hundreds of safari seekers in the East African wilderness, I figured that it was worth compiling an African safari planning guide that hopefully provides some real answers to the questions that I am most frequently asked by people who are considering an African safari.

I’ve based this article on the most frequent questions about African safari that I have been asked over the years. After all what better a reference point could one have than the questions that have been asked by others who were planning an African Safari.

Being born on the foothills of snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro and being raised on the wildlife corridors of Amboseli National Park in Kenya, I would say my love for safari started at an early age. From the year 2004 I started becoming involved withread more

wildlife safari in kenya

The Best of Wildlife Safari in Kenya

If you have the heart for adventure, a wildlife safari in Kenya may just steal it. Kenya offers unforgettable wildlife experiences in the midst of its iconic landscapes.

Situated on the equator, Kenya has long been a wildlife safari favourite – home to some of the world’s most famous national parks and game reserves, with great natural lakes and vast wildernesses, rich in African wildlife from hyenas to big cats.

The country boasts the widest array of wildlife in Africa, including the famous ‘Big Five’.

The boundless wildlife of this region has long attracted wildlife enthusiastsread more